Carbide Tipped Dado Sets


These stack dado sets have built their own reputation for reliability and accuracy. Extra large carbide tips are used on the outside blades and chipper teeth. Precision grinding ensures a perfect flat bottom dado, with slight scribes on both sides of the dado. We can accommodate a true flat bottom cut as well.

Each set comes packed in a wooden storage case and consists of 2 outside blades and the following 2 wing chippers: (1) 1/4" thickness; (2) 1/8" thickness; (1) 1/16" thickness.  The standard set #3 will cut up to 13/16” wide to accommodate nominal 3/4" lumber. Extra chippers can be added to accommodate wider cuts.

Full Body Chipper Dado Sets

Multi-tooth chippers make these sets well suited for high production grooving in composite materials. Full Body Dado sets recommended for heavy duty machinery only.  Each set comes packed in a wooden storage case.  Each set consists of (2) outside blades, (4) 1/8" chippers, (1) 1/16" chipper to cut up to 13/16” wide.